Are you ready to learn how to lose weight naturally and feel more energetic while keeping up with your busy lifestyle?

Ask Yourself If Any Of These Sound Familiar...

You're tired of feeling like you never have enough energy.

No matter how much sleep you get every day, you always feel tired and exhausted. 


No matter what you do, which diet you follow or how much you exercise, you can’t lose weight.

You have tried many different fab diets, products, work out routines but that extra weight is just not going anywhere.


You don’t know what to cook.

With some many “healthy recipes” out there, you feel like it’s too much effort to choose one easy recipe for each meal, every day. 


You feel so exhausted and worn out after work and the last thing you want to do is to cook something for yourself.

Cooking a meal for you after a long day of non-stop activities is not an option right now so you call for some fast food delivery which satisfies your immediate need but makes you feel guilty and sickened later on. 

You wish you knew how to learn new habits that last.

It seems an impossible task to stick into new healthy habits


You are getting sick quite often, and you feel your immune system is weak plus your mood is getting lower and lower.

Colds, stomach issues, low mood, fatigue, are so frequent that they have become second nature for you.

You really want to lose some weight and build a healthy routine, but after few days of being all in, you feel like you can’t keep up with your work, family, working out and trying to live a healthy life so you go back to your old habits, making you feel bad and anxious for not being able to stick to anything.

If any of these sound familiar I can relate! These are the same problems I faced when I was working as

flight attendant. 


I didn’t have any energy or the will power to cook for myself - not to mention that I didn’t know what to cook. I was frequently feeling unwell and that caused me to feel anxious and depressed day in and day out. My relationship with food wasn't healthy and I didn't know how to take care of my health whilst flying (despite all the information found on internet). 


This is exactly why I created NUTRITION 101 for BUSY PROFESSIONALS.

This program will be the daily framework for bringing healthy eating habits in to your life. When you learn about what types of food you should include in your meals not only will you be learning about nutrition and self-care but you will also learn to listen to your body so you can give it the right nutrition that it needs. Losing weight and maintaining a healthy and nutritious diet will become such an easy lifestyle change that it will become the second nature quickly. It will provide you with the correct nutrition to support a busy career and life.


With this 8-week weight loss coaching program you will learn:

  • How to lose weight naturally without extreme, depriving fad diets. And YES, you will lose weight if you follow all the meal recommendations.

  • How to make meals work for you with a guide for meal prep that will save you time, money and energy when cooking for yourself.

  • About the intuitive eating philosophy that fits perfectly the busy schedule of flight attendants and pilots.

  • Macro and Micro nutrients that are essential for your body and how to know which ones work better for your own, unique body type.

  • How to eat healthy on a budget.

  • What clean eating means and how to incorporate it in into your life.

  • How to read food labels and how to choose the healthiest product in the supermarket.

  • How to differentiate between organic or conventional produce.

  • About the Gut Microbiome and its importance in your physical and emotional health.

  • About inflammation and how it affects your body (bloating, food allergies and intolerances)

  • Self-care tips that will boost your wellbeing .

  • Mindset techniques that will help you stick to your new healthy lifestyle.

Are you wondering who am I and how I know all of this?

Allow me to introduce myself……..

Hey, I am Laura!

I am an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach certified by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York.


As a former flight attendant I know all of the demands of working long hours, having to take care of myself and living an unhealthy life. I struggled with digestive issues, which frequently caused me to be sick whilst flying. As a consequence of poor nutrition I also suffered from depression and episodes of anxiety attacks that were affecting my mental health. I was so busy flying around the world and taking care of others that I forgot about myself.


I knew something was wrong but I never knew how to get the correct advice. I went through a healing journey that made me realised the importance of having a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. I learned about nutrition, exercise and mindset techniques that greatly improved my overall well-being whilst flying.


I am full time Health Coach. Using my experience as a Flight Attendant and my extensive knowledge of food and

nutrition I can now help busy professionals to create healthy habits and routines that will improve their mental and physical health.

NUTRITION 101 worked for me and I know that it will work for you too.

Interested? With NUTRITION 101 you will receive:

  • Four 45 minutes 1 to 1 coaching session, either in person or by video-call.

  • One different nutrition topic emailed every week.

  • Educational material to help you on your journey; a workbook, journal and videos.

  • A 30-day reset guide to give your body a break from unhealthy and unnecessary foods. The guide is 100% personalized according to your food preferences.

  • 4 weeks personalized meal plan for the 30-day reset guide with recipes and shopping list. The meals in this guide are easy to prepare and ready to take with you on the plane and layovers.

  • A personalised recipe e-book with healthy meal ideas that offer new and tasty menu variations.

  • Unlimited support through a community who will keep each other accountable.

  • Email and WhatsApp support for the duration of the program.

NUTRITION 101 FOR BUSY PROFESSIONALS is available for you at just 350 USD (1280 AED) which is great value for money.



Enjoy a 30% discount when buying gym clothes from

after registering for Nutrition 101 for Flight Attendants and Pilots

get your high-energy meal plan

The High Energy 7-day meal plan* with shopping list and recipes will have you cover for your next duty and your days off when you don't want to think about cooking.

*This meal plan is a sample of what you will

receive when you register for Nutrition 101 for BUSY PROFESSIONALS.


  • What will I get with this course?

You will receive basic nutrition education that can be applied to your daily routine as flight attendant. In addition, you will receive full support during the process of becoming a healthier version of yourself. 

You will also receive 100% personalized meal plans and a recipe e-book with healthy meals for your own reference.

  •  Is this program really worth the price?


If you follow the recommendations of NUTRITION 101 you will notice the health benefits very quickly. You will feel healthier and have more energy and vitality. NUTRITION 101 will help you make positive and lasting lifestyle changes which is hard to put a price on but the value to you will be much higher.

  •  Can I get I refund?

YES! I am so confident that NUTRITION 101 will be successful for you that, having followed the program, if you are not 100% satisfied with your results you will receive a refund.

  •  Can I get in touch with you before registering?


I would love to answer all the questions you might have before registering to this program. 

  • How is this program different than any other weight loss programs offered online?


Because my method is based on the principle that each body is different so a standard, trendy diet it’s not suitable for all. That’s why I will ask you to fill a meal planning assessment tool, for me to know what foods are better for you before recommending any diet.

I use a holistic nutrition approach where I don’t focus only in following a diet, but also how changing your mindset can give you the results you want in a shorter period of time.

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