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Last year during my training to become a nutrition health coach, I started to learn about mindset work. Up until then, I was thinking about mindset only as “self-help books” and “positive mind BS”. But then, I was introduced to the world of the science behind it and that’s when my world exploded and my whole life changed.

I have been living my life believing something about myself that I came to know it wasn’t true. I just had been repeating the same speech to myself so often that I adopted it as a reality in my daily life and I labeled it as a personality trait. I was so sure that that was me and I couldn’t do anything to change. no matter how many times I tried to be a different person, every time I would go back to be who I thought I was. I believed for many years that I was a lazy person and that I was not worthy of anything good in my life because I wouldn’t work hard enough for me to deserve it.

When I was so close to give up, I learnt that I didn’t have to believe every thought I think because they are just thoughts and they didn’t really represent who I was. I was just so caught up with the story I was telling myself that I had trained my brain to keep producing the same chemicals to make me feel the same way day in and day out.

I felt so free when I was told, I could choose my thoughts and that I could feel different ways depending on the thoughts I was thinking. I started to be so aware about my thoughts immediately.

Let me explain how it works with this analogy:

Brain and body are like a computer with a preinstalled software that knows how to function automatically. The mind is the programmer that keeps the computer running. If the programmer (the mind) uses an authentic software (thoughts) that is aligned with the computer specifications, the computer will work smoothly with no major problems whatsoever, just a regular software update now and then. On the other hand, the programmer could harm the computer by trying to install a virus or a software that is not compatible with the computer. Sometimes the programmer doesn’t even know what type of program he tries to install and he just does what he knows better because of his past experiences and patterns.

Every person has some beliefs about themselves that were created early in their childhood. Those beliefs are so rooted in the subconscious mind that we are not aware of them most of the times. They keep showing up as thoughts in the brain, these thoughts produce a biochemical reaction in the brain that releases specific chemicals (depending on the type of thought you are thinking) that will travel to your body as the messenger of your thoughts so you can feel something in your body.

Most of us haven’t trained the brain to think intentionally, that’s why we go through life thinking and acting according to our previous experiences, old patterns or just not paying attention to our behavior.

That’s why mindset work is so important. You must know that your thoughts are different from your emotions. You don’t think about sadness, you feel sadness. The same way you don’t feel failure, you think about failure and that thought make you feel anger or disappointment.

There is a simple method that will help you work on your mindset which is based on the following premise:

Circumstances or situations in life are neutral.

Thoughts create feelings.

Feelings create actions.

Actions create results.

Results create your reality.

All circumstances in life don’t mean anything by themselves. Your mind gives them meaning by choosing a thought that will translate into a feeling that will make you act or behave accordingly. When you repeat the same patterns of behavior, you will create the same results for your life and that becomes your reality.

Let me give you an example of that premise:

C: Louisa works as secretary in a marketing company. She and her boss keep having disagreements about office tasks. This is a circumstance, a fact that has no meaning.

T: Louisa thinks her boss hates her and wants to make her life miserable.

F: Louise feels anger and resentment towards her boss. She feels anxiety and fear when her boss calls her to her office.

A: Louisa starts to snap at his colleagues. She is making lots of mistakes. she doesn’t pay attention to her actions.

R: Louisa “hates” her job and her boss. she gets yelled at often. she feels miserable, she wants to quit and find another job. however, she doesn’t look for another job neither does she talk to her boss about their disagreements. She has become so familiar with those negatives thoughts and feelings and the chemicals that the brain keep producing to make her feel certain way are affecting her body so she starts to have digestive issues.

When you start paying attention to your thoughts you will become aware of the quality of the same. If you use the self-coaching model, you will be more likely to start selecting high quality thoughts only.

Download the model here: and start practicing daily.

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