Fear is the biggest dream killer of all times. Not failure, not lack of money/resources. FEAR.

Many people live their lives in autopilot because they are so afraid to go after their dreams, because they experience fear of failure, fear of what others will think, fear of leaving their comfort zone, fear, fear, fear.

That fear will become so unconscious that the brain will memorize the feeling that associates your dream with uncomforting, stress, anxiety so when you decide to take a step towards achieving your goals, the brain will immediately stop you by bringing back the not so happy feelings related to the thought: my dream.

When you finally decide to go after your dreams, you will encounter so much resistance coming from within you, but if you acknowledge that this resistance is just your brain trying to keep you “safe” by reproducing the memory that it has learnt before: Dream=fear so you wouldn’t go into the unknown or leaving your comfort zone.

When I talk about dreams, I don’t only mean quitting your job to become an entrepreneur while travelling the world. Dreams could be a small goal that you want to achieve like exercising more, changing your eating habits or just to find a better job. Whatever your goal it is, you have to put into practice some mindset exercises that will prepare your brain to make the change in a smooth way.

You can use the following steps to help identify and cultivate your dreams:

ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR OBSTACLES. Is there anything in your life you know you need to confront but have been avoiding (i.e., speaking up to a boss, ending or mending a romantic relationship, losing weight)? Sometimes fear can debilitate us to the point that we get stuck in denial and make excuses.

GIVE FEAR A SHAPE. Ask yourself what you are most afraid of. What factors contribute to your fear, what triggers it, and what gives it power over you? Consider the ways your fears have been getting in the way of your happiness and success.

VISUALIZE YOUR DREAM LIFE. If not for other people’s judgments and expectations, what would you be doing with your life right now? Make a list of as many things as you can think of, big or small, that you would do if you weren’t afraid.

BREAK IT DOWN. Once you become consciously aware of what you want, you can begin to confront the areas of your life that are not in alignment with your truth. From there, create a few small, reasonable goals for yourself each week to get yourself

moving in the direction you want to go.

CELEBRATE YOUR MILESTONES. Each time you successfully overcome a meaningful obstacle, take the time to share your accomplishment with others. Plan a small party or social outing – whatever you love doing. It’s important to celebrate your wins with people you love. This will help strengthen your support network and inspire you to keep living your truth.

Remember, transitions can be challenging, but this is your life! Stay committed to the process of self-discovery and be open to exploring your passions in healthy, honest ways. Once you begin to see fear as an opportunity rather than a hindrance, you’ll create fewer limitations for yourself, and the Universe will guide and support you along the way!

You can download the cheat-guide to face your fears here https://drive.google.com/file/d/12N9wCDynQxtEeiINha_houOKzOe5KWq9/view?usp=sharing.

If you are struggling with accomplishing your goals and would like to have a talk with me, book a free call so we can discuss ways for you to accomplish your goals.

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